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The "Everything's Better in a Group" Award for Best Erotic Anthology

Nominations are:

Erotic Bedtime Stories - Various - https://geni.us/vCNT8

Freeuse Flowers The Complete Series - Alec Lake - https://geni.us/UdEx

Freeuse Wedding Series: 5 Wife Sharing Stories - Lacey Cross - https://geni.us/FgyGwvs

Incubus RA First  - Virgil Knightley - https://geni.us/bXoQ1

Season´s Teasings - Multiple - https://geni.us/Ew98UKY


The "All Tied up At the Moment" Award for BDSM Erotica

Nominations are:

Hot Wife Gift Exchange - Hardison Parker - https://geni.us/DbrDvQ

Illicit Desires Volume 2 - Lacey Cross - https://geni.us/zW4i72E

In Knots: Entanglement Continues - Hank Dolworth - https://geni.us/AwM7

Malice of Wasteland - Lilith K Duat - https://geni.us/FV67

My Office MILF: Her Younger Dom - Alec Lake - https://geni.us/ojbfqnC


The "Wanna Watch?" Award for Cuckold/Hotwife Erotica

Nominations are:

A Kink In The Deal - Kristin Lance/Lacey Cross/Alec Lake - https://geni.us/vaCBFL0

Auditioning the Band - Lacey Cross - https://geni.us/Wnrcu2K

Luxury Slut - Hank Dolworth - https://geni.us/LLbQv

Santa's Freeuse Hotwife - Alec Lake - https://geni.us/AB10

The Corruption of Jennifer: A Cheating Hotwife Sci Fi Tale - Jordan Riley - https://geni.us/H0OmY9


The “Never Enough” Award for Harem/Reverse Harem Erotica

Nominations are:

Rose and Rotshade - Marie Mackay - https://geni.us/BoiC6

Seeing Stars - Alec Lake - https://geni.us/qnx0j6o

Shifter Girls: Redline - Michael Dalton  - https://geni.us/iaNz

Unexpected Paradise - Kristin Lance - https://geni.us/Nz2v1b1

Unwrapping His Best Friend's Mother - Manus Dare - https://geni.us/vprIW


The "Drop the Mic it's Time to Flyte" Award for Erotic Poetry

Nominations are:

Alchemy in the Dark - Lola Lawrence - https://geni.us/8QYH

Exhibition - Voyyours - https://geni.us/6rQnnI

Window to the Soul - Vivian Blake - https://geni.us/sBDc


The "Hitachi Magic Wand" Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi Erotica

Nominations are:

Alien Love Games: The Tasty Bake - Kyra Keys - https://geni.us/tzNGTw

Bondatge Beta Tested : BDSM Sassy Mistrress Upgrade - Zatanna Dark - https://geni.us/Py5GA

Brodrick the Bard - Virgil Knightley - https://geni.us/qDA27pF

I Bit Him So He's Mine - Kaylee Pike - https://geni.us/BsG2iwJ

The Duskwall Academy : Amber Shadow - Marie Mackay - https://geni.us/ugGD

The Purple People Eater - Olivia Lawless - https://geni.us/nEbTR


The "All Love" Award for LGBTQ+ Erotica

Nominations are:

Gurls Gone Wild: Naughty in Nature - Sally Bend - https://geni.us/FBIRs

Mastering Nate: An Erotic MMF Dark Romance - Lacey Cross - https://geni.us/mS6f7Ol

My First Lesbian O - Hardison Parker - https://geni.us/awq5TrZ

Nicky and the Night Owls - Sierra Cassidy - https://geni.us/Ms1hu

The Hotwife Adventure  - Kristin Lance - https://geni.us/svtjAih

Training Rose - Alec Lake - https://geni.us/EIohtTg


The "Tickler" Award for Parody/Comedy Erotica

Nominations are:

Dice Dare at the Con - Quinn Blueheart - https://geni.us/a3NsCAM

Dr. McSpunkLips Makes a House Call  - JK Mill - https://geni.us/Mwt2eP

Final Copulation - Jack Hawkland - https://geni.us/BlR3z1f

He Staked Me During The Vampire LARP - Victoria S. Kyrie - https://geni.us/s3rJ7T

Hot Off the Presses: The Full Report - Jay Aury - https://geni.us/kNeE


The “Not Quite Depraved Enough” Award for Dark/Taboo Erotica

Nominations are:

Appy-Endings - Steph Brothers - https://geni.us/GIKWj

At the End of the World - Christian Pan - https://geni.us/7p7HB

Blood & Lust - Rianne Burnett - https://geni.us/PjBy

Decadent Erotica - Ruan Willow - https://geni.us/PbSR

Sugar Baby Pills - Lacey Cross - https://geni.us/BfB9qV

Virile for his Fertile Sister-In-Law - Victoria S. Kyrie - https://geni.us/nD2p


The "Things That Go Hump in the Night" Award for Paranormal/Horror Erotica

Nominations are:

Enthralled by Shadows  - Latrexa Nova - https://geni.us/Pqh7

Final Bondage Captive - Zatanna Dark - https://t.ly/HFXZ

Halloween Hero  - Alec Lake - https://geni.us/FDe0C

Halloween Trip: One Night -  One Taste - Samantha Sapphire - https://geni.us/rvSL

Naughty Mrs Claus - Lilith K Duat - https://geni.us/uvh0p

Things that go Bump - Kristin Lance - https://geni.us/IpPBG


The "Love at First Flog" Award for Romantic Erotica

Nominations are:

Comfort of a Good Friend - Jordan Lubov - https://geni.us/mWGm9

He's A Good Neighbour - Kristin Lance - https://geni.us/eWIaO

Holiday Heat Series: Strangers to Lovers Romance - Alec Lake & Lacey Cross - https://geni.us/jJfNRy

Kitten for the Night - Lacey Cross - https://geni.us/gQJ1tFJ

Two Loves In Paradise - Alec Lake - https://geni.us/Dty5B

Winter's Union - B.E.Wolf - https://geni.us/GFdehu


The "Any Excuse for Some Smut" Award for Holiday Themed Erotica

Nominations are:

A Hotwife Helper - Lacey Cross - https://geni.us/cJhQxWM

Goth Girls Come on Halloween - B.E Wolf - https://geni.us/BhBli

Halloween Bites - Hardison Parker - https://geni.us/VoRAxi

Playing in the Shamrock Bar: First-Time Threesome - Lacey Cross & Alec Lake - https://geni.us/KKM8wQ

That Time I Became Santa Claus - Simon Archer - https://geni.us/uW1GU


The “Look Mom, No Hands” Award for Erotic Audiobook

Nominations are:

Free Use Friday Bundle: The Whole Story - Narrated by Jesse Gossett - https://geni.us/CRxwfRS

Goth Girls Come On Halloween - Narrated by Lola Sage - https://geni.us/BplFF

Kitten for the Night - Narrated by Lilly Canon - https://geni.us/vGIRy

Owning Emily: Illicit Desires -  Book 4 - Narrated by Aleks Esquire - https://geni.us/0mjN2B

The Bawdy Ballads of Bodrick the Bard - Narrated by Ben Hart - https://geni.us/3kFUB


The "Shouldn't You Be Monetizing This?" Award for Free Smut

Nominations are:

Consensual non consent - @WrittenInKink - https://geni.us/4AU9Lu

Converting the Clergyman - Jay Willowbay - https://geni.us/Tcq6qaV

Duct Tape and Daddy Issues - Dee Dickens - https://ducttapeanddaddyissues.blogspot.com/

Levitating - Charlie Knight - https://archiveofourown.org/works/38644482/chapters/96608916

Shoes: Acousticophilia - Voyyours - https://geni.us/3G7IT4Q

Twitter Stories - @RealInsatiabear - https://geni.us/Kr17N


The "Levelled Up" Golden Pigtail Rookie Smut Star of 2022