Alexa Sommers is a best-selling erotic fiction author with a taste for both the sweet and the nasty. Her FreeDomme series has lit up the genre and is continuing to expand as she looks onward to growing her portfolio of pleasure.


Alexa currently focuses her literary prowess on short-story and novella length erotic fiction across a number of sub-genres. Visit our books page for details on the current catalog.


This ever expanding series follows the sexual exploits and growth of Suzie Andrews, a college co-ed out to help the “over achieving” student base step out of their preconceived ideals and into a litany of lust.


The sexual experience, be it written, read, or enacted, can not be rushed. It must be savored and prolonged to push forth the lust and desire. It must not only be loved but lived, for only then can we reach the heights we seek.

Alexa Sommers will tantalize the tastebuds and deepen the desire with each flourish of the pen.  A uniquely erotic experience that will satisfy the soul…


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