Level Up

Level Up – Level One

“You have the hands of a rogue, the mouth of a bard and I’m pretty sure you’re at least half cleric because you have me ready to scream… Oh God.”

Dillon Strands is not your typical college co-ed. While other’s are chasing down parties and partners, living out their dreams of debauchery, Dillon and his friends are studying, gaming and stuck in a rut, their social lives hanging by a thread.

Enter Suzanne Andrews, a gamer girl with a plan.

He may be at the top of his class but when it comes to the art of pleasure, Suzie Andrews is an A+ student

Level Up – Level Two

“You know what they say, lawful in the streets but chaotic in the sheets.”

Life has suddenly become very complicated for Dillon Strands. Having gone from a social pariah to the campus Casanova in just over a week, he now finds himself confused as to how to handle his new found life.

Resolving to take things as they come, he is just beginning to find his new normal when Suzie Andrews shatters the fragile tranquility he had finally found.

Can he find his solace and whose heart will have to break in order to do so? It may just be his own.

CoverSoul Binding
Level Up – Level Three

“You may have sidestepped the traps, but I’m railroading your ass to the climax.”

Troubles continue to mount for Dillon Strands as he struggles to get a handle on his newly blossoming social life. When out of nowhere Suzie Andrew arrives at his door, dressed to seduce. Can Dillon add her to his list of ongoing conquests without succumbing to the inevitable emotional entanglements?

Can he fight his heart in order to keep his word?

His mind says yes but his soul may already be bound.

CoverDissonant Whispers
Level Up – Level Four

“I see you survived your forty-five minutes with the sensual succubi. That must have been ‘hard’.”

Dillon Strands’ life continues it’s downward spiral in a litany of lust as he begins to come to terms with what he truly wants. But, when what you want appears to be unattainable and the alternative options keep throwing themselves in your way, the path forward is rarely clear.

A murder mystery may be the least of his problems but Dillon plays to win. The only question is, what defines victory and is it worth the ultimate cost?


Level Up – Level Five

“That girl has the defenses of a level twenty fighter in masterwork mithral armor. It’s not going to be easy.”

Dillon Strands’ has finally determined what he truly wants. Unfortunately, what he wants is a woman riddled with issues brought on by a traumatic past, who is unwilling to accept the love he has to offer. He has no intention of letting that stand in his way.

Can he push past Suzie’s barriers and finally capture her heart?



Bonus Levels (Shorts)

CoverCast Dominate
Level Up – Bonus Level

“I’ve been told the shy ones are the worst.”

Don’t let June’s shy, quiet demeanor fool you. Jason is about to find out just how wild she can really get. Can he handle her transition? Can he give her what she needs?

There is only one way to know for sure and in order to get there he first has to accept his own needs.




CoverStricken Heart
Level Up – Bonus Level

Release Pending



CoverSpiritual Awakening
Ghosted – Book 1

“Nearly all my life I have been searching. I have navigated tunnels, oceans, and deserts. I have searched ships, plundered citadels and circumvented flows of lava and yet my princess is always in another castle.”

He’s a lonely construction worker with an affinity for vintage video games.

She’s a homicidal, spirit looking to rape his mind in an attempt at vengeance.

Can it ever work between them?

Should it?


CoverParanormal Bondage
Ghosted – Book 2

Release Pending


CoverIn Sheep’s Clothing
FanDomme – Book 1

“What was the line, Johnny? Fuck the cheerleader. Save the world,” she said, massaging the quote from one of his favorite T.V. shows.

Jenna James is an innocent TA who agrees to take on the task of helping free Dominic Lunds from the social awkwardness that has gripped his life. Little does she realize, Dominic’s hidden desires are about to release something buried deep within her.

The shy, reserved students will never be the same once the FanDomme gets her hooks into them.


The Gift – Cuckold Shorts

Cover‘Tis Better to Receive
The Gift- Book 1

An erotic cuckold experiment.

This is a SHORT single scene cuckold story, told in second person present. An immersive experience written to bring you into the scene and allow you to experience the events first hand.



CoverThat Keeps on Giving
The Gift- Book 2

An erotic cuckold experiment.

The continuation of ‘Tis Better to Receive, this is a SHORT single scene cuckold story, told in second person present. An immersive experience written to bring you into the scene and allow you to experience the events first hand.



Individual Sexy Shorts

CoverBeach Full of Sands

What happens when an erotica author loses a bet?

Punishment, humiliation, and pure adulterated fun.

The waves aren’t the only thing wet on this beach trip. The weather is warm but the beach has never been as hot as the day it was Full of Sands!







CoverPride : Fall of the Lioness

The seven deadly sins have plagued us throughout the ages, constantly tempting and beguiling humanity towards destruction.

Pride: a cruel mistress of pleasure and satisfaction, necessary and yet, so easily corrupted. What happens when you let Pride take over?






CoverDeadly Prey

Jonas Gruder is a successful man, he runs the city of Bainsville despite holding no official position. Despite his power, he has needs. Needs he can not share. Needs that only a few can truly satisfy.

Silvia is a Succubus looking to feed off his lust and enslave his soul.

When the predator is on the prowl, they rarely consider the Deadly Prey





CoverMaking the Naughty List

12 erotica authors. 12 days. 1 very naughty writer’s retreat. What could go wrong?

The TRUE tale of the Erotic Writers’ Retreat as told by Alexa Sommers.

5 days of bliss? Perhaps for some but, alas, Jamie Jones is not so lucky. Having built up the anticipation of this event in her mind, and sure her plans could not fail, the “new” author finds herself on the outside looking in. Join her as she struggles to determine why she isn’t Making the Naughty List.



In Sheep’s Clothing

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Spiritual Awakening

The first book in the long awaited Ghosted series is now available on Amazon. This book kicks off the exploration […]