The Semi-Finals saw over 9000 votes for over 200 fantastic stories. The top 5 from each category move on to the finals (in the case of a 5th place tie all tying stories move on).

Finalist Voting is open from Feb 15th thru Feb 29th at 7pm EST.

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  • Audiobook Winner – $20 Amazon GC (to the narrator)

  • Rookie Smut Star – $40 Amazon GC

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The "It's Always Better Together" Award for Best Erotic Anthology

Nominations are:

Fantasy Unlimited Bed & Breakfast --- Author: Hank Dolworth --- Link: https://geni.us/8m5iy

More than Words --- Author: Olive Spencer --- Link: https://geni.us/zGF6b

Sinful --- Author: Trixy Treat --- Link: https://geni.us/HBJZR8

Stolen Moments --- Author: Ryn Rehnard --- Link: https://geni.us/8gz3l

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole --- Author: Various --- Link: https://geni.us/21dg4A


The "Begging for More" Award for BDSM Erotica

Nominations are:

Dear Vivian: An Erotic Journal --- Author: Eliza Black --- Link: https://geni.us/nCAMj8V

Freeuse Halloween --- Author: April Cross + Matt Lake --- Link: https://geni.us/BBd0TOO

The Bimbo Wedding --- Author: Pixie Isobella --- Link: https://geni.us/isGKcB

The Freeuse Show --- Author: Matt Lake --- Link: https://geni.us/S2UAZG

The Invader --- Author: Steli Simeonova --- Link:https://geni.us/h21g


The "I Just Wanna Watch" Award for Cuckold/Hotwife Erotica

Nominations are:

A Hotwife Soccer Mom --- Author: Hank Dolworth --- Link: https://geni.us/WwnH9

Cuckolding Kyle --- Author: Lisa X Lopez --- Link: https://geni.us/tX8ebQX

My Hotwife Adventures --- Author: Skylar Quinn --- Link: https://geni.us/qB1uh4T

The Stalker --- Author: Steli Simeonova --- Link: https://geni.us/DLKlD

Train Hard, Rest Harder --- Author: Thea Landen --- Link: https://geni.us/htuqV


The "More the Merrier" Award for Harem/Reverse Harem Erotica

Nominations are:

Conquering the Succubus: A Halloween Harem, Cuckold Tale --- Author: Manus Dare --- Link: https://geni.us/JsOIpgA

Hotwife For Christmas --- Author: Kassia White --- Link: https://geni.us/qMMaIR

The One Time He Shared Me --- Author: Sunny A Morgan --- Link: https://geni.us/NAV9

The Trainer --- Author: Lisa X Lopez --- Link: https://geni.us/JTfif

The Virgin Prophecy --- Author: May Fellowbrook --- Link: https://geni.us/0MAfpUx


The "Purple Cock is Good Cock" Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi Erotica

Nominations are:

Claimed By Alien Soulmates --- Author: Alec Lake --- Link: https://geni.us/vM5BGO

Searching the Skies --- Author: Thea Landen --- Link: https://geni.us/zI5o

Sir - An Erotic Novella of AI Enslavement --- Author: All These Roadworks --- Link: https://geni.us/XI2a

Tempting the Mothman --- Author: Sibley Stamps --- Link: https://geni.us/tvsVPy

The Fallen Sky --- Author: Celia McKinley --- Link: https://geni.us/Nkk48

Telepornication --- Author: Hardison Parker --- Link: https://geni.us/8BJELKn

Verity Undercover, A Sexy Shipwreck Tale --- Author: Megan Landon --- Link: https://geni.us/d7jf


The "All Swords No Sheaths" Award for Gay Erotica

Nominations are:

A Very Gay Roommate --- Author: M.M. Phoenix --- Link: https://geni.us/BKqtV

Bathtime with the Alien Monster --- Author: Beatrix Steam --- Link: https://geni.us/6ZIKma

Drawing Blood --- Author: Ryn Rehnard --- Link: https://geni.us/fVN7u

His for the Summer --- Author: Ezra Dao --- Link: https://geni.us/8BwefA

Size Kings III: Princess In training --- Author: P.B. Breckinridge --- Link: https://geni.us/JNq5M


The "Scissoring with Runners" Award for Lesbian Erotica

Nominations are:

Comfort Zone --- Author: Lisa X Lopez --- Link: https://geni.us/ZelcyG

Dressing Room Domme --- Author: Ruan Willow  --- Link: https://geni.us/Q5UBct

Punished by the Boss --- Author: Josie Bale --- Link: https://geni.us/57AF

The Submissive CEO: A deserved spanking --- Author: Brooklyn Maxwell --- Link: https://geni.us/gTpJ

The Trick to Finding Love --- Author: TJ Dallas --- Link: https://geni.us/xm4e


The "Take all Cummers" Award for LGBTQ+ Erotica

Nominations are:

A Kink In The Deal --- Author: April Cross, Kristin Lance, Alec Lake --- Link: https://geni.us/o3wG

Caged for Them --- Author: Kristin Lance --- Link: https://geni.us/DyLiAkF

Crossing Swords with the Fencing Club --- Author: Cornelia Quick --- Link: https://geni.us/x461

Sapphic Submission --- Author: Josie Bale --- Link: https://geni.us/qeTGH6L

The Submissive Librarian: A double caning --- Author: Brooklyn Maxwell --- Link: https://geni.us/GKCfp


The "Tickler" Award for Parody/Comedy Erotica

Nominations are:

15 Phases of Luna --- Author: Ophelia Dickerson --- Link: https://geni.us/Nbl71

Crammed at the Christmas Craft Fair --- Author: Cornelia Quick --- Link: https://geni.us/FLFx6H

Give the Gift of Bimbo: A Bimbo Christmas Story --- Author: Sadie Thatcher --- Link: https://geni.us/TA3OR1

Steamy Gilligan's Island: Shipwrecked --- Author: Olivia Lawless --- Link: https://geni.us/XCFkv

Task Mistress --- Author: Jack Hawkland --- Link: https://geni.us/jf4mAyZ


The "Not Afraid of the Dark" Award for Dark/Taboo Erotica

Nominations are:

A Whispered Invitation --- Author: Cal Darin --- Link: https://geni.us/Twwyx4

Daddy's Discipline --- Author: Rose Richards --- Link: https://geni.us/XU4abm

The Hunt  --- Author: Stelli Simenova  --- Link: https://geni.us/1M0c8D

Tuning Chloe --- Author: All These Roadworks --- Link: https://geni.us/oYaA

Wicked Lessons --- Author: Sean Geist Skylar Quinn --- Link: https://geni.us/xoBi9h


The "Yes Alexa Finally Released Paranormal Bondage" Award for Paranormal/Horror Erotica

Nominations are:

A Hotwife Doppelganger --- Author: Hank Dolworth --- Link: https://geni.us/6K8n1

Blood Lust: Crimson Temptations --- Author: Olive Spencer  --- Link: https://geni.us/i5HD

Her Halloween Freeuse --- Author: Matt Lake --- Link: https://geni.us/w9hu

Fangtastic Adventures --- Author: Skylar Quinn --- Link: https://geni.us/ZWU2xG

Gothic Follies --- Author: Paragonas Vaunt --- Link: https://geni.us/mADFUk


The "Hearts will Race" Award for Romantic Erotica

Nominations are:

A Collection of Desires --- Author: M.J. Mackenzie --- Link: https://geni.us/BtGX

Finding Balance --- Author: Andrea Todd --- Link: https://geni.us/dBqzj

Freeuse Christmas --- Author: April Cross + Matt Lake --- Link: https://geni.us/sxuWjs0

Unfinished Business --- Author: Natasha Carter --- Link: https://geni.us/lPT3VJ

Working for the Big Bad Wolf --- Author: Olive Spencer --- Link: https://geni.us/HUrh


The "Any Holiday is a Smut Holiday" Award for Holiday Celebration Themed Erotica

Nominations are:

A Dolly for Christmas --- Author: Olive Spencer --- Link: https://geni.us/OjO4KA

Naughty and Spice --- Author: Various --- Link: https://geni.us/HJlW

Oh Santa  --- Author: Sunny A Morgan --- Link: https://geni.us/S6vQaBC

The Freeuse Elf --- Author: Matt Lake --- Link: https://geni.us/CBIvI4

The Harvest --- Author: Steli Simeonova --- Link: https://geni.us/gHThX


The "Going Hands Free" Award for Erotic Audiobook

Nominations are:

Blood Lust --- Narrator: Jerry Wayne --- Link: https://geni.us/bN48aP

Four Lawyers and a Hotwife --- Narrator: Marcia Dunbar --- Link: https://geni.us/X0qpB

Keeping My Drac --- Narrator: Michael Gallagher --- Link: https://geni.us/oBGzC

The Freeuse Camping Slut --- Narrator: Melody Mae --- Link: https://geni.us/ZCB6Cpb

The Money Shot --- Narrator: S. R. Thomas --- Link: https://geni.us/lJTmUDK


The "I'll Just Be a Minute" Award For Medium Micro Erotica

Nominations are:

A Visit from Daddy Santa --- Author: Hank Dolworth --- Link: https://geni.us/WWXx

I Saw Hubby Kissing Santa Claus --- Author: Meg Becker --- Link: https://geni.us/2vFmhYE

In the Groove --- Author: Marsha Adams --- Link: https://geni.us/pDo8ffe

Little Debbie the Cream Filled Cum Slut --- Author: Eliza Black --- Link: https://geni.us/KUAxK0

There’s Always Room on Daddy’s Lap --- Author: Olive Spencer --- Link: https://geni.us/O77S6


The "I'll Be in My Bunk" Award For Medium Long Erotica

Nominations are:

An Uncomplicated Entanglement --- Author: JK Mill --- Link: https://geni.us/934grm

Merry Fistmas --- Author: Ryn Rehnard --- Link: https://geni.us/MxzB6

Mr. Beckett --- Author: Lucky Lover --- Link: https://geni.us/OP2GY

The Ghost Princess --- Author: Celia McKinley --- Link: https://geni.us/knXF

The Priestess and the Queen --- Author: Posy Churchgate --- Link: https://geni.us/5jR4


The "Tied Up in Chain Links" Award For Medium Serial Erotica

Nominations are:

A Flame From the Past --- Author: Jordan Riley --- Link: https://geni.us/brUSWRU

Dark Encounters --- Author: Suzy Vella --- Link: https://geni.us/A6UjoSe

Hotwife: Customer Love Affair --- Author: Skylar Quinn --- Link: https://geni.us/YtoXNKx

Ring Light District --- Author: Agent Ranch Hand --- Link: https://geni.us/R2mIX

The Insatiable Touch --- Author: Vivian Blake --- Link: https://geni.us/g3pKco2


The "Shouldn't You Be Monetizing This?" Award for Free Smut

Nominations are:

Hunted & Stuffed --- Author: Delilah Dare --- Link: https://geni.us/IouU

Jade --- Author: Hardison Parker --- Link: https://geni.us/yqKFJa

Memories of an Aging Pussy hound --- Author: Jackson Goode --- Link: https://geni.us/fh17MA

One Hour Freeuse With A Stranger --- Author: Dilana Rose --- Link: https://geni.us/kiSeQK

Taken by Tiffany --- Author: B.E. Wolf --- Link: https://geni.us/yhNP


The "Levelled Up" Golden Pigtail Rookie Smut Star of 2023