CoverErotic Bedtime Stories
A Charity Anthology

Twelve scintillating wordsmiths come together to bring you a collection of Adult Faerie Tales that will have your imagination spinning and your heartrate soaring in this Erotic Anthology.


A Pleasurable Awakening: by Rianne Burnett
Snow White: by Elle Wild
Alice in Wand-erland: by Hardison Parker
Hanzel Und Gretyl: by Ava Fox301
The Beast and the Barkeep: by Selena Powers
The Damsel Lost Her Dress: by Kristin Lance
The Princess and The Pea: by Natalie Hothorne
Goldie Lox and the Three Bears: by Blisse Wynters
Lie to Me: by Alexa Sommers
Kansas Girls are Easy: by Cyd Sidney
Gingerbread Man: by Quinn Blueheart
And with Limericks by Mary David-Snow

This Anthology is currently Out of Print however many of the stories are still available as standalones:

CoverLie to Me

What happens when an over-protective best friend has the power to truly influence a budding romance? Pino is about to find out that lies may just be his only salvation.

Originally written as part of a Faerie Tale Anthology charity project.


CoverAlice in Wanderland

Written for Erotic Bedtime Stories, When Alice’s favorite toy falls down a rabbit hole, Alice discovers a land of sexual adventure. Along the way she attends a teabagging party and faces off against the Queen of Wands.


CoverA Pleasurable Awakening

All her life Adelia has been worried about the sleeping curse. While everyone has been focused on keeping her safe, she’s been exploring her desires. With an arranged marriage on the horizon, though, she has to wonder if her days of forbidden pleasure are at an end. Then again, maybe her new husband feels their marriage has room for one more.


CoverKansas Girls are Easy

They say there’s no place like home, but Dottie’s not so sure. Throughout her adventures in this colorful new world she’s been focused on finding a way back to Kansas. But she’s grown attached to her three travel companions and can’t bear the thought of saying goodbye. Even worse, she’s imagining what it would be like to take their relationship to the next level. She’s seen the way they look at her. And she’s definitely looking at them the same way. Does Dottie have the courage to tell them, and show them, how she feels? This is a paranormal MMMF erotic romance with an HEA.


CoverDevouring the Gingerbread Man

Once upon a time, Aiden spent all his time creating delicious bread for the town’s families. Every morning, customers filled the shop to enjoy the inviting aromas, tasty bread, and his warm smile. Aiden’s fire-red hair might have matched the flames of his hot ovens, but the passion in his heart went unfulfilled…

…However, Aiden never notice someone watching him through the window of his bakeshop, and her sensual hunger was growing with each passing day.