2022 Golden Pigtail Nominations

Semi-Final Voting is open from Feb 1st thru Feb 14th.

  • The top 5 books from each category will move on to the finals. Finalists will be announced on Feb 15th at Final Voting will run from Feb 15th thru Feb 28th.

  • Winners will be announced once all votes are tallied.

  • Alexa will post the top 3 current standings in her Patreon every 3 days throughout voting. If you want a sneak peek at the standings, pay the greedy bitch (and help offset the cost of the Awards)

  • Prizes will be awarded to the winning book/author/narrator in each category.




The “Everything is Better in a Group” Award for Best Erotic Anthology

Big Book of Orgasms, Volume 2: 69 Sexy Stories Various https://geni.us/AE4Tc
Delilah’s Cuckold Diary Brooklyn Maxwell https://geni.us/LvL7O
Erotic Bedtime Stories Various https://geni.us/vCNT8
Femdom Glory Victory Von Stryker https://geni.us/76lpaV
Freeuse Flowers The Complete Series Alec Lake https://geni.us/UdEx
Freeuse Wedding Series: 5 Wife Sharing Stories Lacey Cross https://geni.us/FgyGwvs
Heckin’ Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica Mx. Nillin Lore https://geni.us/OdCO
Huge Hoard of Hotwives Steph Brothers https://geni.us/VjXbSN0
Incubus RA First  Virgil Knightley https://geni.us/bXoQ1
Mailgirls: The Anthology Vol 1 R Wellvyne https://geni.us/BNGx5
Season´s Teasings Multiple https://geni.us/Ew98UKY
Spectral Sensations: Paranormal Ghost Erotica Collection Rianne Burnet https://geni.us/N1mvgEe
Trick or Tease: A Sexy Halloween Collection Various https://geni.us/x2eeP
Two Men Are So Much Better Than One Kristin Lance https://geni.us/SjZkS


The “All Tied up At the Moment” Award for BDSM Erotica

A Touch of Cruelty Jordan Riley https://geni.us/ZEei
Anonymous Arrangement MM Hardcok https://geni.us/UHQay
Diary of a Masochist Victoria Johnson https://geni.us/lRljg56
Eight Sizzling Nights Jordan Lubov https://geni.us/HB3VX
Good Girls Get Rewarded Hunter Ambrose https://geni.us/PCP80
Hot Wife Gift Exchange Hardison Parker https://geni.us/DbrDvQ
Hunter’s List: Held May B Bound https://geni.us/LJm4
Illicit Desires Volume 2 Lacey Cross https://geni.us/zW4i72E
In Knots: Entanglement Continues Hank Dolworth https://geni.us/AwM7
Malice of Wasteland Lilith K Duat https://geni.us/FV67
Mastered by Degrees: Initiation Selena Powers  https://geni.us/snvoOl4
Missy’s BDSM Wishes Have Finally Cum True! Zatanna Dark https://geni.us/dSAo7O
Mistress Domination: The Rise of Princess Prude  Shawna Hunter https://geni.us/41590
My Office MILF: Her Younger Dom Alec Lake https://geni.us/ojbfqnC
Pussyfree MH Macdonald https://geni.us/Eycy
Show me Mx. Alex https://geni.us/gJAl4
Submitting to my Boss Lillia Wett https://geni.us/bhMl
The Bondage Bag Olivia Lawless https://geni.us/IZH2Z


The “Wanna Watch?” Award for Cuckold/Hotwife Erotica

A Breed Apart Ariel Bruhl https://geni.us/tMD0
A Hotwife Birthday Dilana Rose https://geni.us/jAwAT
A Hotwife’s Christmas Stocking: Filled and Thrilled Delores Swallows https://geni.us/j5pdJD
A Kink In The Deal Kristin Lance/Lacey Cross/Alec Lake https://geni.us/vaCBFL0
Auditioning the Band Lacey Cross https://geni.us/Wnrcu2K
Delilah’s Cuckold Diaries: My Spanking d=Desires Brooklyn Maxwell https://geni.us/09Bo
Going Down Manus Dare https://geni.us/Vklk
Hotwife at the Beach House Quinn Blueheart https://geni.us/6ZvnSH
Hotwife Under the Tree Reba Bale https://geni.us/R86x
Hotwife’s Delight Lillia Wett https://geni.us/KWhv6
I Texted My Husband For Permission Kate Granger https://geni.us/aL9zEOB
Luxury Slut Hank Dolworth https://geni.us/LLbQv
Magic Hands (3-book series) Kirsten McCurran https://geni.us/BGCn
My Black Hotwife BD Hampton https://geni.us/tuM2yxD
Santa’s Freeuse Hotwife Alec Lake https://geni.us/AB10
Sin City Hot Wife Hardison Parker https://geni.us/WlLjSc
Sissy Cuckold for the Black World Order Bobbi Mare https://geni.us/2sN759f
The Corruption of Jennifer: A Cheating Hotwife Sci Fi Tale Jordan Riley https://geni.us/H0OmY9
The Horny Hitchhiker and Me Anya Knightly https://geni.us/Uxw46i
The Hotwife Holiday Handyman Olivia Lawless https://geni.us/508Jeu
You Can Leave . . . But I’m Taking Your Wife! Zatanna Dark https://geni.us/S4lbpxN


The “Never Enough” Award for Harem/Reverse Harem Erotica

Hot Waiter Fall Lola Blix https://geni.us/bHsbrF8
Rose and Rotshade Marie Mackay https://geni.us/BoiC6
Seeing Stars Alec Lake https://geni.us/qnx0j6o
Shifter Girls: Redline Michael Dalton  https://geni.us/iaNz
Unexpected Paradise Kristin Lance https://geni.us/Nz2v1b1
Unwrapping His Best Friend’s Mother Manus Dare https://geni.us/vprIW


The “Drop the Mic it’s Time to Flyte” Award for Erotic Poetry

Alchemy in the Dark Lola Lawrence https://geni.us/8QYH
Exhibition Voyyours https://geni.us/6rQnnI
Window to the Soul Vivian Blake https://geni.us/sBDc


The “Hitachi Magic Wand” Award for Fantasy/Sci-Fi Erotica

Alien Love Games: The Tasty Bake Kyra Keys https://geni.us/tzNGTw
An Alien Ghost Walked Into A Bar Kiki Moon https://geni.us/WZMPtUB
Bondatge Beta Tested : BDSM Sassy Mistrress Upgrade Zatanna Dark https://geni.us/Py5GA
Brodrick the Bard Virgil Knightley https://geni.us/qDA27pF
Causal Loops Jordan Riley https://geni.us/feAg
Disintegration  Thea Landen https://geni.us/Aao1p
I Abducted My Second Chance Alien Rock Star Kiki Moon / Kyra Keys https://geni.us/2HjSl
I Bit Him So He’s Mine Kaylee Pike https://geni.us/BsG2iwJ
I Fake-Married an Alien Bounty Hunter Latrexa Nova https://geni.us/5pnZ
Made to Tantalize Rianne Burnett https://geni.us/5BU7Grd
Matchmaker John Dylena https://geni.us/QJxhI5n
Mistress Domination: Doomed To Dumbnation Shawna Hunter https://geni.us/vJ2DCr
Sacrifice Theory:Maleficarum society book 3 Cullen Parker https://geni.us/pCdXEn
Spicy Telepath Tales Polly Liticat https://geni.us/gJpycD
The Duskwall Academy Marie Mackay https://geni.us/ugGD
The Purple People Eater Olivia Lawless https://geni.us/nEbTR
Trained By Her Alien Mate Lola Blix https://geni.us/cRBVL
Wasteland Bombshell Amanda Clover https://geni.us/klqpmc

The “All Love” Award for LGBTQ+ Erotica

A Flame Among the Stars Thea Landen https://geni.us/pbBdTqv
First Meeting Pre-sex Dianne Herbert https://geni.us/BgxWQG
Gurls Gone Wild: Naughty in Nature Sally Bend https://geni.us/FBIRs
He Gapes Her Ass, Then I Gape His Mia Hill https://geni.us/4MNkFUV
Hotwife Hall Pass – Hot Sex with a Model Anya Knightly https://geni.us/ouISi8
Hotwife Lucy: Spanking a cuckwife Brooklyn Maxwell https://geni.us/sAOf8
Mastering Nate: An Erotic MMF Dark Romance Lacey Cross https://geni.us/mS6f7Ol
My First Lesbian “O” Hardison Parker https://geni.us/awq5TrZ
My Secret Crush Reba Bale https://geni.us/aBWF
Nicky and the Night Owls Sierra Cassidy https://geni.us/Ms1hu
The Accidental Futa and the Executiv Alicia Blush https://geni.us/mryKj
The Budding Rose Aimée Ménard https://geni.us/2BTrx1
The Final Edge Shay Sands https://geni.us/EhtAM
The Hotwife Adventure  Kristin Lance https://geni.us/svtjAih
The Way That You Move Me Cyd Sidney https://geni.us/YQgD
The Wendy House Celia McKinley https://geni.us/ZixATgK
To Protect To Love To Command Blake Ellis Page https://geni.us/7ykQUTN
Training Rose Alec Lake https://geni.us/EIohtTg


The “Tickler” Award for Parody/Comedy Erotica

Dice Dare at the Con Quinn Blueheart https://geni.us/a3NsCAM
Dr. McSpunkLips Makes a House Call  JK Mill https://geni.us/Mwt2eP
Final Copulation Jack Hawkland https://geni.us/BlR3z1f
He Staked Me During The Vampire LARP Victoria S. Kyrie https://geni.us/s3rJ7T
Hot Off the Presses: The Full Report Jay Aury https://geni.us/kNeE
Starship Banjo String: Ford Perfect Pulls Arthur Dick Voyyours https://geni.us/1MDrW
Witnesses to a Crime of Passion Zatanna Dark https://geni.us/dEBe08


The “Not Quite Depraved Enough” Award for Dark/Taboo Erotica

A Hen Night to Remeber Dianne Herbert https://geni.us/ThLYWM
Appy-Endings Steph Brothers https://geni.us/GIKWj
At the End of the World Christian Pan https://geni.us/7p7HB
Blood & Lust Rianne Burnett https://geni.us/PjBy
Decadent Erotica Ruan Willow https://geni.us/PbSR
Final Bondage Playdate Zatanna Dark  https://geni.us/VlvQQPK
His MM Hardcok https://geni.us/IU0Q
Lune de Miel Celia McKinley https://geni.us/x7Nl
Real Female Domination, Volume 20: No Leniency Mistress Scarlet https://geni.us/S9CA
Santa Turned Her Into His Toy Meg Becker https://geni.us/wWrw
She Loves It When He Pretends to be a Horny Burglar  JK Mill https://geni.us/Uofw36
Sugar Baby Pills Lacey Cross https://geni.us/BfB9qV
Tentacle Grandpa – Bi-Bonus Edition Lila Pounder https://geni.us/4DqlCys
Virile for his Fertile Sister-In-Law Victoria S. Kyrie https://geni.us/nD2p


The “Things That Go Hump in the Night” Award for Paranormal/Horror Erotica

Bought Aila Glass https://geni.us/7P8By
Enthralled by Shadows  Latrexa Nova https://geni.us/Pqh7
Final Bondage Captive Zatanna Dark https://t.ly/HFXZ
Halloween Encounter Sibley Stamps https://geni.us/AtDA
Halloween Hero  Alec Lake https://geni.us/FDe0C
Halloween Switch Lola Blix https://geni.us/FkCib5
Halloween Trip: One Night, One Taste Samantha Sapphire https://geni.us/rvSL
If You Go Down in the Woods Today Ariel Bruhl https://geni.us/6iLf0s
Just a Few Kinks in the Ritual Jordan Riley https://geni.us/Tr1z
Lost Ladies of the Nightmare S.B. Medina https://geni.us/5AFAye
My Witchy Wife Needs My Cum  JK Mill https://geni.us/UunEv1
Naughty Mrs Claus Lilith K Duat https://geni.us/uvh0p
Stalked by Desire Rianne Burnett https://geni.us/0aRd9
Things that go Bump Kristin Lance https://geni.us/IpPBG


The “Love at First Flog” Award for Romantic Erotica

Comfort of a Good Friend Jordan Lubov https://geni.us/mWGm9
Crazy Rusty Olivia Lawless https://geni.us/gqOQCqp
Dark Desires MM Hardcok https://geni.us/ng8fvX
Delilah’s Cuckold Diaries: Hubby’s cuck spanking humiliation Brooklyn Maxwell https://geni.us/dUImN
Devouring the Ginger Bread Man: An Erotic Bedtime Story Quinn Blueheart https://geni.us/mFzaPRH
He’s A Good Neighbour Kristin Lance https://geni.us/eWIaO
Hidden Inhibitions Stephanie Lewis https://geni.us/wwqYa0X
Holiday Heat Series: Strangers to Lovers Romance Alec Lake & Lacey Cross https://geni.us/jJfNRy
Kitten for the Night Lacey Cross https://geni.us/gQJ1tFJ
Playing For Keeps Lacey Cross and Alec Lake https://geni.us/ykjq
Sinful Desires: An Enemies to Lovers Erotic Romance Reba Bale https://geni.us/7lfBB
Sitting Pretty At The Con Lola Blix https://geni.us/AHC1o
Winter’s Union B.E.Wolf https://geni.us/GFdehu
Summer Wedding Rose Bak https://geni.us/hfqE0c
The Bunker Kate Granger https://geni.us/DYZhogC
Tim and Celine’s Last Night Eli Cassablanca https://geni.us/t1dmL0u
Touched in Paradise Hardison Parker https://geni.us/z4BzAAN
Two Loves In Paradise Alec Lake https://geni.us/Dty5B
When Finches Dance (An Acquiescent Writer Yarn) Agent Ranch Hand https://geni.us/ToHyLD


The “Any Excuse for Some Smut” Award for Holiday Themed Erotica

A Domme for Christmas B.J. Frazier https://geni.us/Yzxxt
A Hotwife Helper Lacey Cross https://geni.us/cJhQxWM
A Hotwife’s Holiday Studs C. B. Alice https://geni.us/JAg1I
Goth Girls Come on Halloween B.E Wolf https://geni.us/BhBli
Halloween Bites Hardison Parker https://geni.us/VoRAxi
Halloween Blood Lust Blisse Wynters https://geni.us/Sw8Pl
Halloween Mating Kyra Keys https://geni.us/6OhDJx
Halloween Treat: An MMF Halloween Romance Kristin Lance https://geni.us/0DCAxva
Here Comes Santa Claus Jordan Riley https://geni.us/5Qeb
His Christmas Wish Aila Glass https://geni.us/iO2pG
How Hard Can You Rock Around the Christmas Tree Until Ornaments Fall Off? Eliza Black https://geni.us/9CeplM
My Best Friend Kissed Me… And Then Made Me Cum Blake Ellis Paige https://geni.us/vbPhpyv
My Hotwife’s Holiday Boyfriend Sean Geist https://geni.us/sfhmIq
Peter is a Pumpkin Fucker! Zatanna Dark https://geni.us/mruIT
Playing in the Shamrock Bar: First-Time Threesome Lacey Cross & Alec Lake https://geni.us/KKM8wQ
Stiff Competition Ariel Bruhl https://geni.us/9kYLXvL
That time I became Santa Claus Simon Archer https://geni.us/uW1GU
The Hotwife’s Festive Fun  Zoey Adams https://geni.us/qS9tpI
The Point of a Sexy Holiday Dianne Herbert https://geni.us/IQRK
Three Become On in Paradise Brooklyn Maxwell https://geni.us/5mTpx
Yeti or Not Alien Santa Wants Me! Kiki Moon https://geni.us/sJMQHWj


The “Look Mom, No Hands” Award for Erotic Audiobook

Bound For Her Art Narrated by Daniella Passarelli https://geni.us/vwjLfGI
Cara Awakened Narrated by Samanth Hilton https://geni.us/fKwJ
Delighting the Boss Narrated by Marcia Dunbar https://geni.us/eygeCeD
Final Bondage Giggles Revenge  Narrated by SexxxySherry https://geni.us/OBWR
Free Use Friday Bundle: The Whole Story Narrated by Jesse Gossett https://geni.us/CRxwfRS
Goth Girls Come On Halloween Narrated by Lola Sage https://geni.us/BplFF
In The Dark for the Dark Web Narrated by Ruan Willow https://geni.us/xq3ZcG
Kitten for the Night Narrated by Lilly Canon https://geni.us/vGIRy
Owning Emily: Illicit Desires, Book 4 Narrated by Aleks Esquire https://geni.us/0mjN2B
So, You Want to Be a Mailgirl? Narrated by Rae Hendricks https://geni.us/xR3B
Taking Them All Narrated by Melody May https://geni.us/dRpuhW
The Bawdy Ballads of Bodrick the Bard Narrated by Ben Hart https://geni.us/3kFUB


The “Shouldn’t You Be Monetizing This?” Award for Free Smut

Consensual non consent @WrittenInKink https://geni.us/4AU9Lu
Converting the Clergyman Jay Willowbay https://geni.us/Tcq6qaV
Duct Tape and Daddy Issues Dee Dickens https://ducttapeanddaddyissues.blogspot.com/
Levitating Charlie Knight https://archiveofourown.org/works/38644482/chapters/96608916
Shoes: Acousticophilia Voyyours https://geni.us/3G7IT4Q
Southern Comforts RBwriter https://geni.us/Jd9kt
Taken by the Ice Drake Marie Mackay https://geni.us/8ma8pV0
Twitter Stories @RealInsatiabear https://geni.us/Kr17N


The “Levelled Up” Golden Pigtail Rookie Smut Star of 2022

Agent Ranch Hand
Aila Glass
Aimée Ménard
Anya Knightly
Ariel Bruhl
Christian Pan
Dilana Rose
Eli Casablanca
Eliza Black
Jade L. Harding
JK Mill
Jordan Riley
Lisette Monroe
Lola Blix
Marie Mackay
MM Hardcok
Selena Powers
Victoria S. Kyrie
Zoey Adams