Long Island

Better and better

This series just keeps getting better and better. I'm sure it's building up to a crescendo at some point, but for the time being the author keeps building up to a boiling point, again and again, and then lowering the pressure. With the skill of a master, she is engaged in a sort of literary edging which leaves me at the end of each book close to foaming at the mouth


The secret of pigtails

This one from Alexa is even hotter than the first one. I wish I had gone to a college like this one... and I wish I had known the secret meaning of pigtails.

So hot, you have to read this one.

Emma S. Taylor

Find Yourself Desiring More

One of the marks of a good writer is the ability to take a subject matter that you are unfamiliar with and present it in such an engaging way that you become lost in the details and find yourself desiring more. Alexa Sommers has done this for me. #GOODREAD

Christa Strant

Five Scintillating Stars

Wow! Eroticism written to perfection. Alexa Sommers knows how to pull the reader in and give them what they want.

Jennifer Dorn

Steamy reads done right.

Alexa Sommers will tantalize the tastebuds and deepen the desire with each flourish of the pen.  A uniquely erotic experience that will satisfy the soul. Just Hot!

Dixie Bradford

All I can say is ... hot!

Put away the word porn and pick up a copy of Level Up for some real erotica. Sommers does an amazing job of building the passion before heading for the climax.